Our wines

Celler Pujol Cargol’s philosophy is to preserve the original characteristics of the grape as much as possible. To do this, we help the wine mature following different traditional techniques that maintain the expressiveness, freshness and authentic aroma of the grape. Celler Pujol Cargol wines are clean, fine and very expressive, without interference of any kind, revealing the true character of our terroir accompanied by our native varieties.

The flagship range of wines from Celler Pujol Cargol is called “El Missatger” (“The Messenger”), as it is responsible for taking our philosophy, our sentiments, the feel of our vineyards, the unique flavour of our grapes … and making them known to the world.

El Missatger black cariñena

This is the first wine produced in the winery and the one that marks the start of this project. As its name suggests, it is a single varietal black Cariñena wine from vineyards with 80-100 years of history. The wine is very fresh, soft and silky in the mouth thanks to the process of resting it for 12 months in vats inherited from our great-grandfather.

El Missatger white selection

This wine comes from a selection of our white grapes from old vineyards. It is a daring white, but very Empordàn in character. The varieties used to produce it are red Garnacha, white Garnacha and Macabeo. The three varieties are mostly mixed within the same plot and are all picked on the same day. The grapes are all placed into the same tank at once, where they are left to macerate for five days before pressing. The result is a wine with a typical Empordàn off-white colour with a surprising aroma and mouthfeel. Our 2017 El Missatger white selection was chosen as the “best white wine of 2019” by sommeliers and restaurateurs from the Girona region in the blind tasting at the specialist wine fair “Arrels del vi”.

El Missatger native white from young vineyards

From our younger vineyards, this wine is made using the Macabeo and white Garnacha varieties. It is a very aromatically fresh wine that is very Mediterranean, but it stands out for its very smooth start in the mouth and its long aftertaste.

El Missatger 2019 rosé

This rosé wine is obtained by “bleeding” directly from the tank, without pressing. It undergoes 24 hours of pellicular maceration and is then fermented in stainless steel tanks at 18ºC in an inverted thermal profile. It then rests on the “mother”, or lees, for 3 months. It has an intense cherry colour due to the maceration process that is typical of our area and of the variety used to make it. On the nose we find complex and lingering aromatic notes, such as raspberry and undergrowth, allowing us to show the true potential of Cariñena rosé wines from old vineyards. It has a smooth and well-structured start in the mouth, but is also fresh, thanks to its acidity, which balances this start with great character. It develops well in the bottle, improving over the following years.