The history of the winery

Celler Pujol Cargol is the heritage of a family that has cared for, loved and respected the vineyard since 1758 and from generation after generation to give a high-quality wine that strongly expresses the land it is from.

Managing the winery is David Pujol Cargol, biologist and oenologist, who uses wine to interpret his work in the vineyard. His wife, Roser, who holds an MBA, takes care of promoting the business; his parents, Lluís and Pilar, offer experience in managing the winery and dealing with clients, and his sister, Natalia, and brother-in-law, Jaume, always get involved in helping with specialist fairs and wine tastings.

There are no investors or major marketing campaigns behind Celler Pujol Cargol. What makes us unique is that we are a small, family-run winery, built stone by stone with more enthusiasm than resources, but always seeking excellence in every grape and in every drop of wine.